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Growing trees takes research not a green thumb! - Griffin Furniture

Growing trees takes research not a green thumb!

To say I don’t have a green thumb is an understatement! I have never been able grow plants, ever! This is year two for our fruit trees and they are blooming! I have finally gotten something to grow for more than one year in a row! 

This almost feels like getting a pat on the back when you try something and it actually works, two years in a row! I am so happy we have blueberries and pears blooming as it gives me hope that maybe I can grow things, my time is now!

It takes patience, hardwork and research to get plants to grow and no two plants are the same! I think this is where most of my trouble has always lied because I thought they all needed sun and water, I was wrong! 

As we get fruit this year I will keep you posted and let you know how this year goes, so far so good! 

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