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CAPE CORAL solid wood bed frame queen size king size cabin furniture

This bed frame is crafted from quality wood, ensuring sturdiness and durability that can last for generations. Each bed is custom-made and may have slight variations in the wood grain, but will resemble the shape, size, and style of the pictured frame.
This bed frame is painted with a lacquer paint or stained with a minwax stain. All beds come with a sealed protective finish, but please note that custom colors may incur an additional fee.

When you check out please let us know how you would like your bed frame distressed: 
There are three options available: solid color, light (edges only), and medium (mostly paint with some wood showing through).

 This bed frame includes a headboard, footboard, rail system, and 8 bolts.

Assembly for this bed frame:
The rails are attached to the headboard and footboard using 5/16" bolts.

Bed frame sizes:

For California King size, the headboard is 60 inches tall and 77 inches long, while the footboard is about 34 inches tall and 77 inches long.

For King size, the headboard is about 60 inches tall and 81 inches long, and the footboard is about 34 inches tall and 81 inches long.

For Queen size, the headboard is about 60 inches tall and 65 inches long, and the footboard is about 34 inches tall and 65 inches long.

For Full size, the headboard is about 60 inches tall and 59 inches long, and the footboard is about 34 inches tall and 59 inches long.

Do you need customizations to this bed?
Do you need a bed frame with custom width, or one that can be placed flush against a wall? Do you require a shorter bed for your specific needs? We are here to assist you with all your customization requirements to ensure that your bed is perfectly tailored to your needs. Please contact us with your special customization requests for your bed.

Care and Maintenance:

It is best to use a soft, dry cloth to clean this bed frame. We advise against using strong household chemicals as they may harm the finish of the item.


We offer free shipping for this bed frame to most states in the USA. The shipping service will bring your order to your front door. Please ensure you have assistance unloading the items from the shipper's truck upon arrival.


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Bed frame queen - Griffin Furniture
Bed frame queen - Griffin Furniture
Bed frame queen - Griffin Furniture
Bed frame queen - Griffin Furniture
Bed frame queen - Griffin Furniture
Bed frame queen - Griffin Furniture
Bed frame queen - Griffin Furniture
Bed frame queen - Griffin Furniture
Bed frame queen - Griffin Furniture
Bed frame queen - Griffin Furniture
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