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Design your space with contrast in furniture and decor! - Griffin Furniture

Design your space with contrast in furniture and decor!

When asked the question "What color do you think looks best for my mud bench?" I always ask, "What color is the wall it will be going on?" I ask this because contrast is key. While I know there are plenty of people like myself in the world that love tan, white and light gray walls, they don't always understand contrast is key.

It is fine to always have neutral walls because it is easier to change furniture to make a statement than it is to repaint walls! You just make sure that the color of your walls is not the same shade or similar shade color as your furniture. I think it is best to stay in the same color palette but not the same color. 

For example: If you have yellow walls you can get by with dark stained furniture as they complement each other. Same goes for if you have gray walls black or white furniture looks great against them as well because they complement the gray. 

Just remember if you want your design to stand out, use contrast!

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