Have the bedroom of your dreams, make your dreams happen!

Make your dreams come true, don’t let them stay dreams!

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Some grow up and never really get their dream car, dream house or dream job. However, it seems really silly, but I really wanted my dream bedroom and last year right before my Birthday I got it! 

With a magnolia wreath and old window, shiplap wall put up and stained by my wonderful husband, a Griffin Furniture bed with storage, and comforter set from Etsy the room is finally complete. I am not sure if I should change the curtains but for now they don’t look bad and do keep out the sun so it is a win win! 

What is something you dream of? Wish you had? Wish you could do? Let me tell you, make it happen rather than waiting for it to happen! It makes your heart smile and you feel like you accomplished something that makes you happy! Make your dreams come true, don’t let them stay dreams! 




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