Sharing your talents with your kids becomes a pure joy for you and them!

Crafting with your kids and sharing your passions with them teaches them more than you will ever know!

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Sharing your talents with your kids becomes a pure joy for you and them! - Griffin Furniture

The saying is true, kids learn what they live! I love being crafty and especially with our kids. I believe kids need to see our true passions and how happy we are when we get to do the things we love to do. This will carry over and allow them to find things they love and do it with the same passion and desire. 

The other great thing that comes when we are able to share our passions with our kids is they become inventive, creative and intuitive on their own as well. Imagination unlocks doors and allows kids to think outside the box. When they are able to see you do things and pick up learning new skills they are putting tools in their tool belt for life. 

There are lots of things I learned through my parents that did not always consist of words. I learned how to clean (mom's chore), I learned to fish (dad's and grandpa's  joy), I learned to cross stitch (mom's joy), I learned to crochet (Grandma's joy), I learned to do yard work (dad's and mom's chore), I learned to pick vegetables (grandpa and grandma's passion), I learned how to do home repairs (dad's chore), I learned to play piano, I learned to build things with wood (Grandpa's passion), I learned to sand, I learned to be creative, I learned to be inventive and most importantly I learned skills that now allow me to know a little about a lot that help me grow as a well rounded adult. 

While I know you may think your kids are too young to learn, let them watch! You will be surprised what they pick up just by watching. Take time to craft different seasons with them, it gives them something to look forward to! Try these spring flowers I posted, I can't wait to make them this spring break!

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